Trial and Error

How many times have you tried something only to have it fail. I have, I tried several small business endeavors. They all failed. Miserably.

How many times have have you wanted to try something new but did not know where to start or what would work best for you? Beauty products, baby products, workouts, cleaning hacks, recipes. This blog for one!

How many times have you been given advice that did not work, like dating “how to’s”, what job you should have, what you should do with you life? Just small things, nothing major.

How many times do you wish someone had told you something that could have prevented unnecessary pain, stress, loss of time and money? My husband and I could name a few!

I will be addressing some of these topics and more in future posts as a source for practical and informative life skills and tips, stories of my own experiences as well as others to equip you and hopefully give you successful tools in your Life belt to make you successful by learning from trusted, tested individuals such as myself and those who ave influenced my life. I will base my research from a biblical world view and hope to hear from you in this dialogue!

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  1. I will look forward to all of your sharings of the learnings from joys and adversities. They surely have made me who I am today.

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