Bits and Pieces

Thanks for returning to my sappy blog thus far. If you have read my previous blogs, first of all, thank you! Secondly, I thought I would share some of who I am because it’s pretty hard to have trust with someone you don’t know. And since I hope to build a strong community and dialogue, that might, just might be an important part of the foundation. So here we go…

My name is Ashley. 

I was born and raised in the south. I was brought up in church, in a (Methodist) Non-denominational church (this will be important to know later).  One of my secret prayers was that God would make me able to fly like Peter Pan and when I did my body temperature would regulate to 72F (I was 12. I didn’t know that I would die ok!) I may have even tried to fly a couple times. I am the youngest of three kids, having two older brothers. I always wanted to be a dancer, ride horses, do some form of art, become a famous actress, live in other countries for at least two years each, speak 6-7 different languages and graduate from college. When I was in high school I was officially diagnosed with dyslexia ( I’m actually rather proud I can spell that word!) in reading, writing (why am I Writing a blog again?!) and comprehension. This meant school was not easy at all. I would study twice as long to make average grades. There were some teachers though who were amazing! They knew I understood the material based on the questions I would ask and even answering the students questions in class (Mrs. Graham, you’re the best). The professional who diagnosed my dyslexia informed my mother and myself that I would never be able to learn a second language or survive college. Therein came my determination to prove her and everyone else wrong. With the help of my therapist, Mrs. Helms, and others over the next two years, I was able to graduate on time and was accepted to a liberal arts college. I was ecstatic! I remember I got the acceptance letter the day before my 18th birthday. My college experience was rocky. With bad roommates (all but one), commuter systems not knowing I was even there, classes I didn’t sign up for appearing on my schedule, I had a rough time catching up. Eventually I ran out of money and had to drop out. I was crushed, my dreams seemed to be utterly destroyed. I had no hope of ever becoming anything. Through different events I ended up going to a ministry school where I met a Really cute guy. But he was so immature I decided there were probably better options. I kept one eye on him thought, just in case. By the second year of ministry school, something changed in him and we actually became friends over the game of Life. A few months later we were getting married and moving to England. After 6 months, we returned home and started a family. I decided I couldn’t let someone else raise my kids even if they payed me. So I joined the ranks of stay at home moms and watched my friends continue to live their lives from a distance. It was hard. Very hard. But thats a whole different story for another time. 

Now I am rejoining the ranks of at home working mothers and with your help I will succeed. 

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