Lets be real for a minute. I have no idea what I’m doing. Creating this blog was done in an effort to increase our income while staying home with the kids (maybe that’s something you’re not supposed to say on a blog, but I did, it’s there in the open now). I have not had a “real” job in more years than care to count, so to say my confidence level is low is perhaps being nice! 

But I have a lot of motivation. These two beautiful kids, and my wonderful husband. 

My dreams and hopes for our future as a family. Our desire to travel, to be self supported missionaries.

Ensuring the wellbeing of my children is a great motivation but probably my biggest motivation would be my husband (caution: PDA alert!). Over the past 10 months I have watched my husband work hard. Very hard. Often overworked and exhausted, he continues to get up every morning between 5:00am and 5:30am to drive 45 minutes to a job where he works in the heat, the rain, the wind, the cold and the dirt or mud for 10+ hours Monday through every Friday. He is gone almost 13 hours a day and 10 hours on Saturdays. And yet, he still comes home and plays with the kids and helps me around the house. How could I be more proud of him? I feel so honored to be his wife and stand by his side, having the privilege of watching him grow and mature in some inspiring ways. But I miss him and I want him home. 

And so it is for these reasons I have chosen to embark on this journey blog. So please stay tuned for more posts and thank you for joining me on this journey of learning. 

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