So I don’t really know how to address the past 6-7 months. I have tried several times to post something…. Anything even if it was totally random. But I have not found it in me to do so. To say I’ve been working through things would be an understatement and yet true.  So how do you address something you’re not ready to be vulnerable with the world about? Well, I guess you don’t. Isn’t that how we are taught as a society to deal with most issues anyway, just sweep them under the rug? Fortunately, I have had some pretty good friends not encouraging this social norm of pretending everything’s okay and have allowed me to find a safe space to not be silent…

I still won’t be sharing any details of the past 6 months and how it has stopped me from writing, but I have missed it! I really enjoy sharing information with you and growing in our knowledge of motherhood and life in general after such monumental changes in our lives. I enjoy the act of writing and sharing my story and seeing how it encourages you. But this last curve ball life threw was a real doozy and knocked me out pretty good. I feel like I’m still trying to get back on my feet. I have spent a lot of time thinking, perhaps too much… I lost some dreams, remembered some old ones, dreamed new ones with my husband and thought about reality; can I make these dreams reality? I’ll let you know if I do!



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