About the Author

My name is Ashley Shurter and my passion is helping people. Here I focus on helping women adjust to motherhood; whether your a first-time mom or a seasoned mom, I hope to provide helpful information that will encourage you. My goal is to help women along their journey emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as they take on the monumental task of motherhood.

Shurter & Co. is centered around building a place for healing, growth, support, and education for Mothers; a safe place to open a line of communication so women can share their stories and experiences, ask questions and seek help without the fear of judgment. We seek to build a community of mothers who support each other because no one should have to struggle through motherhood alone. We hope to educate women about the mental, emotional and physical changes brought about by motherhood by teaching them about Prenatal Care, Postpartum warning signs, and safe Physical Training Techniques all promoting the health of mothers everywhere.