Top 10 Baby Items for Small Budgets

Now that my little ones are past the 6 months stages and closing in on a year old, I have finally put together my top 10 baby items wish list I wish I had from the start. I felt like I had to have Everything to bring my first baby home. There were so many things out there that I was told were necessary that I felt overwhelmed (to say the least) and wondered how would we do this as a newly married, broke, couple?! And everything was So Expensive! I didn’t get everything I wanted or thought I Had to have and yet, my baby was fine and we somehow got through those first few months.

This is my wish list for parents-to-be on a budget, what you have to have to bring a baby home according to what I and my husband chose to do as parents:

  1. A car seat. You may think that’s a no brainer, but they won’t let you take that baby home if you don’t have it with you, so go ahead and just put it in the car as soon as you get it. And that will also help you get used to it being there. The reality didn’t really sink in for me until I saw that car seat back there that we were really about to have a baby.
  2. Bassenets that fold up when not in use are great for small spaces. I co-splet with my babies (gasp, shock, how could I, I know. I trusted myself as I am a light sleeper and was very aware of my child who actually slept on top of me. I became very accustomed to not moving while sleeping during pregnancy and with winter, I knew my baby would stay warm so I felt safe enough to do this. I do not recommend this with everyone. You know how you sleep and what you need.
  3. Diaper Bag. Now get this, those cute little back packs from Wal-Mart, those make great diaper bags. I like the idea of a back pack because it has more than one use once you don’t need one any more, which for me, I stop using a diaper bag around 7-8 months because I don’t like carrying around a lot of stuff (I’m kinda a minimalist. Well not kinda, I am a minimalist, or at least as much as you can be with kids!).
  4. Diapers/ Wipes and a trash can with a lid! ‘Cause them things stink! Even breastfed babies poop will smell bad in a few days. Is the trash can lid necessary, yes and no. It is very helpful though!
    This might be another no brainer, but if you’re budgeting, add it on there! ‘Cause those things add up. I chose to do cloth diapers which saved us a lot of money. In part of my research, I found that you can spend almost $3,000 on just diapers alone by the time your baby is two and half. I cloth diapered two kids at once for $200, that includes cloth wipes too (I will be uploading a video on how I do my diapers.)
  5. Clothes. Again, you have to budget for these if you’re not having a shower or you aren’t getting much. But you really don’t need that many clothes. They grow out of them so fast and you will do laundry often enough that if you had only 12-14 items in each months sizes then you should have enough. you won’t change their clothes twice a day every day so that is why I say that number, pajamas maybe 4. Just think how often you will be doing laundry and plan for that many days with at least 3-4 extra changes. I felt like I had to have a lot of clothes. I found that I tend to go back to my favorite ones and not touch others, so I can get away with less clothes.

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  6. Sling. I would definitely chose a sling over any other baby wearing device out there.  My reason, you can carry in almost any position. My first baby wanted to be held by only me for the first 5-6 months. I wore her a lot, like a lot, a lot! My second baby is a hip baby! A sling can be worn on the front, back side. Baby facing in, out or lying down. Definitely recommend a sling.
  7. Nursing cover! I breast fed my babies, and there were times people wondered what I was doing and would lift up the cover… to the embarrassment of us both. It happened at my friends wedding. In line for food. In front of almost EVERYONE. I switched to a different cover after that! (Links will be included below)
  8. Sports bras and nursing pads were my best friend! I never found nursing bras to be comfortable for me, I found the ease of sports bras to be more functional for me. Moment of reality: your boobs will constantly be fluctuating in shape and size. The sports bra allows for no gapping, hooks to come undone, or spillage. You simply lift up the bottom of the bra, and tuck everything back in once you’re done.
  9. A Stroller. This is at the bottom of the list because you can get away without having one, but they are very helpful if you do have one and want to go for walks and get out of the house.
  10. Bottles and pump. If you’re breast feeding, you can get away with as little as 4-5 bottles for date nights or baby sitters. I used a new tooth brush to clean mine and it worked pretty well. As for a pump, there are some very small inexpensive manual pumps which work and can be small enough to fit in your diaper bag.

This is my list of top 10 items you really should try to have for your first baby for the first 6 months. Once that mile marker is reached, there are definitely other items you will need but those are for another list.

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Links for all my favorite items are included below:
Let’s remember that we can all act like adults and even though we may not agree with everything above, there is no need for negative comments. I would like to know if there are any other items you would think are necessary for new parents on a budget, so please leave all positive comments below!

A great place to hava regisry is I was very satified with it!
2. Bed/Bassinet Pack N Plays work well instead of buy a crib and then if you go on vacation you can take baby bed with you!Smart and Simple Playard – Ridgedale
3. Diaper Bag BackpackLeaper Casual Style Lightweight Canvas Laptop Bag Cute School Backpack Shoulder Bag Pencil Case 3PCS Set (Water Blue)
4. Diapers and WipesPampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 6X Pop-Top Packs, 336 CountPampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers Newborn Size N (<10 lb), 128 Count, GIANT
5. Clothes
6. Slings Moby Sling
7. Nursing covers like these work great for multipurpose Hicoco baby car seat cover, nursing covers breastfeeding cover carseat canopy (feather)
8. If you don’t have some, find a cheap pair or two.
1. and 9. Stroller and CarseatEvenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace, Spearmint Spree
10. BottlesDr. Brown's Original Bottle, 8 ounce, 4-Pack